Choose the best ways to Enjoy Fuengirola Alone

If you visit southern Spain, do not miss the town of Fuengirola. Fuengirola is actually one of
the most popular destinations in Costa del Sol, Andalucía. It is only 25 kilometers from the
Malaga International Airport. Many people visit the town for its beaches and medieval
Moorish stronghold.
You will also enjoy the subtropical Mediterranean climate. Fuengirola has the greatest
concentration of expat community. This means that you won’t feel left out – even if you are
traveling alone. The town has welcoming parks, plazas, and promenades with a plethora of
restaurants that serve local delicacies. If you wonder what to do in fuengirola, here are
some ideas:

Visiting the BioParc Fuengirola


BioParc Fuengirola is not only a zoo but also a breeding center for endangered animals like
gorillas, crocodiles, and tigers. The interesting part about this zoo is the recreated tropical
forest having real waterfalls and vegetation. During summer, you can consider moonlight
visit to witness how nocturnal animals live. If you are looking for a nice respite from the
sun, the zoo is the best place to go because of shady trees and misty habitats.

Enjoying the three Blue Flag beaches

You have to know that Blue Flag is a certification awarded by the Foundation for
Environmental Education. It certifies that the beach or marina operator meets rigid
standards for quality, environmental education, general environmental management,
provision of services and safety. Most towns would be happy to have at least one Blue Flag
but Fuengirola has three! You can consider Playa de Fuengirola, Boliches-Gaviotas or

Experiencing the Sohail Castle

A Cordoban Caliph, Abd-ar-Rahman III, built the castle in the 10th century. In the early 18th
century, the castle served as the base for Napoleon’s French army. The citadel with a
watchtower helped repelled the siege of British corps in 1810. If you are brave enough, you
can climb up to the gun positions for a majestic view of the resort. The outer wall of the
castle is empty but it serves as an auditorium for concerts on summer nights.

Seeing the Finca del Secretario

Finding the Finca del Secretario takes few minutes but it is definitely worth it. It is adjacent
to Los Boliches station. Finca del Secretario is a Roman archaeological site. The site dated
back to the 1st century but it was discovered in 1987. For visitors, the most striking part is
whatever is left of the baths. You will see the underground heating system in detail from
the viewing platform. If you are tired, you can always go to the El Jazzy Bar and grab some
mojito or beer while marveling over the site.

Admiring the Castillo de Colomares

Castillo de Colomares is nestled between the hills of Fuengirola and Benalmadena. The
castle looks like a Castilian stronghold and palaces from the Renaissance era. It was built to
memorialize the discovery of Christopher Columbus – America. The castle features the
national architecture of Spain with a bit of Gothic, Moorish, Byzantine and Romanesque

There are many main attractions that you can consider in Fuengirola. You will feel the
Spanish hospitality along the way. Do not forget to enjoy the food when exploring the town.