5 Ways to Enjoy Fuengirola with the Family

Fuengirola is not an ordinary Spanish coastal town. It has a lot to offer whether you are
traveling alone or with the family – there will always be something for you. Many tourists
not only consider this coastal town for its sizeable expat community but also for the
plethora of things to do in Fuengirola.

If you are bringing the whole family, you should know that the town has many welcoming
plazas including parks and promenades. The family can also enjoy restaurants that serve
local cuisines like grilled sardines. On top of that, there are many attractions that your kids
will adore. If you come to enjoy the beach, you can consider Blue Flag beaches. These are
just the tip of the iceberg. Here are the 5 more ways to enjoy Fuengirola with the family:

Going to BioParc Zoo

Aside from being a zoo, BioParc also serves as a breeding center for endangered animals
like the gorilla, tiger, and crocodile. The zoo is just a couple of minutes walk from the train
and bus stations. It is open from 10:00am to 11:00pm. Going to the zoo is a perfect
afternoon activity because of the shady trees. Since it is also a breeding center, your kids
will have fun watching baby animals roaming around the park.

Playing adventure golf

If you want to improve your putting skills, you can head to a mini-golf course located along
the Fuengirola River. The family will surely enjoy the 19-hole course with bar and
restaurant. The good news is that you can find family and group rates. The opening and
closing time of the golf course vary depending on the season. You can confirm the rates and
hours by inquiring.

Trying the mini train city tour

The easiest way to see the city with your children is through the mini train city tour. Your
kids will surely love the miniature train. It is a hop-on-hop-off style, which means you can
see the main sites easily. Riding the mini train city tour will surely give you a feel of the
town’s layout. Check the departure times and the ticket prices first. The ticket is good for
the whole day.

Considering dolphin spotting

It is exciting even for adults to see the dolphins in their natural habitat. Your kids will be
amazed for sure. You can consider riding dolphin boats that depart from the port every day.
However, sighting is not a guarantee because it will depend on the season and weather. If
the family is lucky, everyone can watch groups of dolphins swim beside the boat.

Enjoying Go Karting

Kids love Go Karting. The track is located on the Miramar Center rooftop. It will give you an
exhilarating experience supplying you enough energy boosts to counter the lethargic
afternoons spent at the beach. Go Karting is simple – just pedal around the curvy track. The
family will surely get thirsty after the activity. You can go to the snack bar, enjoy drinks at
the same time marvel over the mountain views surrounding the town.
Indeed there are plenty of things to do especially if you are with the family. There will
never be a dull moment.