1. Conditions of participation

1.1. In order to be able to participate in the offers of the organizer, the participant must fulfill legal and physical criteria defined by the manufacturer Segway PT.

1.2. The minimum age for participation is 12 years. Knowledge of the highway code is necessary. The user must always be in possession of a valid identity document. The minimum weight is set at 45 kg, the maximum weight at 118 kg.

1.3. The user with severe chronic diseases should contact the organizer beforehand to evaluate his ability to use a Segway gyropod. Pregnant women are not allowed to participate. Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or drugs is formally prohibited.

1.4. During the participation, wearing the helmet is compulsory. Helmets are provided by the organizer.

1.5. Prior to departure, the participant confirms that he / she meets the conditions for participation. The participant must respect the instructions of the personnel. In the event of a breach of the rules of conduct, the driver of the vehicle is solely responsible and is responsible for any claims and their costs.

1.6. The participant releases the organizer from any liability in the event of a dispute with a third party while driving a Segway.

2. Realization

2.1. Reservations can be made directly by the our website https://rentalscooter.es or in our office in Fuengirola. All participants must present themselves fife minutes before the start of the circuit. In case of delay or absence, the right to participate is canceled. A valid voucher must be presented.

2.2. Before departure, the participant is provided with detailed and sufficient safety instructions. Attendance at this instruction session is mandatory.If, during the training, the organizer has doubts about the participant’s ability to control the Segway and that these doubts can not be ruled out, the right to participate is canceled. If during the circuit the participant disturbs the circuit or does not obey the instructions of the personnel, he may be excluded from the circuit. In case of exclusion of the circuit, the participant has the right to request a partial refund of his purchase.

2.3. While driving, it is forbidden to drink, eat, use a phone or camera /exept planed stop/. The priority for pedestrians is valid throughout the circuit. It is forbidden to leave the course planned by the personnel, to leave the group. Failure to follow these instructions may result in exclusion of the circuit.

2.4. In case of cancellation of an event, the customer is offered a participation in an equivalent event at a later date within the limit of the available places. If this is not acceptable to him, he may be reimbursed his full costs. Compensation beyond the purchase price is not possible.

If during a circuit the continuation would prove to be difficult, the staff may shorten the course. The participant’s attire must be adapted to weather forecasts. If there is a risk of exceeding the duration of the ride, the staff can also shorten the course.

3. Reservations 

3.1. For each online reservation, the participant must fill in a valid credit card to provide the organizer with a guarantee.

3.2. Any reservation order will be considered authentic and will pay on the spot and according to the method (s) of payment proposed and set by the organizer.

3.3 In the event of cancellation on the initiative of the participant, the cancellation fee is 100% of the amount of the reservation.

3.4. In case of non-presentation of the participant on the day of the tour, the participant is liable to 100% of the amount of the reservation.

3.5.In case of a change of date or cancellation of the tour by the organizer, the customer obtains the modification of his reservation, without any expenses. In the event that it is impossible to participate on a new date proposed by the organizer, the participant is totally released from his / her initial booking, at no charge.

4. Disclaimer 

4.1. The use of the Segway, entry and presence on the course as well as participation in all activities take place exclusively at the risks and perils of the participant, that is to say under his own responsibility. The conduct of the Segway, as well as the participation in a circuit or other activity, are only authorized for the participant who has read the terms and conditions of use and signed them.

4.2 The organizer can not be held responsible in the event of an accident, each participant having to answer for any damage caused to others or to himself resulting from his own fault or negligence.The organizer declines all responsibility in case of dirt or deterioration of clothes or other personal effects.

Damage and repair cost will be charged upon return and inspection. We do NOT charge for scratches, only damage referring to broken parts.Generally cost around (30 Euro -100 Euro)

In the event of damage caused by the participant during the event to persons, private property (parked cars, fences, etc.), the participant undertakes public goods (signs, ground damage, etc.). In the event of a total loss on a Segway S4 or its theft, the total purchase price 800 Euro will be payable by the participant.

All electric scooters shall return punctually.

Exceed 15 minutes will automatically charge for another hour of rental.

4.3.Any user of Segway carries the civil and penal liability for claims that he or she will have caused directly or indirectly to persons, things or intangible assets while participating in a circuit.

4.4. When using the Segway, the participant must comply with the instructions of the personnel.The organizer shall not be liable for any loss caused by failure to comply with the instructions of the personnel, accidental or inappropriate handling of the Segway. The organizer declines any responsibility for any third party.

5. Miscellaneous 

All video or photo recordings made while participating in the tour may be used by the organizer for promotional or other purposes and may be published. Upon written request, the participant may ask the organizer to withdraw a publication. In no event shall the participant be entitled to any financial consideration.

6. Safeguard clause 

Any change or amendment to the contract is subject in principle to a written agreement.

In the event that any of the terms and conditions of these Terms and Conditions of Use are or become invalid, all other provisions of this document shall remain in full force and effect.