How to Rent A Bike? 5 Things You Should Consider

If it is time for your next vacation, you should consider Spain. Spain has historical
significance with stunning attractions, gastronomic foods, and hospitable people. Visiting
the country is certainly one way of practicing your Spanish. There are many cities and town
that you can visit. However, if you want to stay away from the concrete structures of
metropolitan cities, you should consider Fuengirola.
As a tourist looking for something new, you have to consider one alternative – rent a bike Fuengirola.
Fuengirola is a bike-friendly city. This means that it is easy to get around with a
bicycle. Rental shops are readily available to assist you. To help you get started, here are
the 5 things to consider:

The right type of bike

You have to know that there are many types of bicycle. You should rent depending on your
needs and preferences. The main types include city bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, and
cruiser bikes. City bikes refer to commuter bikes. It is best to ride around the city since it is
easier to ride even with regular clothes. City bikes often have built-in lights for riding after
Road bikes are best if you have plans on going fast. It has skinny but smooth tires, which
are lighter. It can be considered for smooth pavement trails. However, riding on unpaved
roads can be uncomfortable. Hybrid bikes, on the other hand, feature large seats with
upright handlebars. This is best for riding around town because they can be used for paved
or unpaved roads. Finally, cruiser bikes are designed for casual riding around the city. It is
comfortable because of a large seat and wide tires. However, this bike is not ideal to use on
bike/hike trails.

The right size

Aside from the type, it is crucial that you find the right size. The size of the bike is gauged
from the crank to where the seat post begins. You can consider a bike size chart as a start.
With this, you can easily decide what bike size to rent so you can ride comfortably. If you do
not know your bike size, there are rental attendants that can assist you in terms of finding
the measurement or proper size.

The weather

Before heading out, it is crucial that you know the weather. Checking the weather will allow
you to plan accordingly. There are many ways to check the weather. You can watch the
news or you can check your smartphone.

The bike routes

If the weather is not a problem, there is another thing that you should consider – bike
routes. Do not forget to ask the rental shop for a bike map or routes. This is important so
you will know which path to take safely.

The bicycle parking

When you decide to grab a quick snack or go to the toilet, you need to find bicycle parking.
You have to know that there are many bike racks or hooks installed for public use around
town – you just need to find the area.
Renting a bike can be overwhelming for first-timers but if you know what to look for, you
will certainly enjoy exploring the town.