Exclusive Ways to let Your Kid’s Visit the Zoo

Family vacation is fun but you have to concede that kids get bored easily. With this, you can
plan your trip accordingly. If you are in the province of Malaga, you should think about
Fuengirola not only for its beaches but also for its zoo. Fuengirola is a coastal town that is
known to be a major tourist destination in the province. Your kids will surely love the view
of the Mediterranean Sea.
If they are bored with water activities, you should consider going to Fuengirola Zoo. The
zoo champions a new concept of respect for nature and preservation of species. Bioparc
Fuengirola stands out for its 􀇲immersion zoo􀇳 and architectural design. All visitors will
surely see the animals in their native environment. For example, the habitats of
Madagascar and Asia are created by the themed design of realistic trees, waterfalls,
embankments and many more.
Bioparc is more than a zoo. It is also center for breeding endangered species like Sumatra
tiger, Malayan False Gavial, and gorillas. With this, the zoo established itself as the leader of
European zoos. If you visit the zoo during the summertime, you can explore the jungle by
moonlight. Every summer, the zoo recreates the effect of the moonlight using special
illumination. This will allow the family to stroll through the zoo at night.
If you want to improve your kid’s visit to the zoo, here are some ways you should consider:

Take time to observe

The point of going to Bioparc is so your kids can observe the animals in their natural
habitat. The animals will act normally since they are not typically enclosed in cages like
other zoos. Remember that your kids can learn a lot about an animal if you take more than
a moment to stop and observe.

Expand the kid’s view of the world

Aside from observing, it is important that you talk about the countries that the animals
come from. This is to expand the worldview of the kids. As a parent, use this opportunity to
teach about animals, nature, and preservation.

Bring a change of clothes

Whether you are worried about the sweating or the water feature, extra clothes are
important. You might think that older ones will be fine but you need to bring extra just in
case. You do not want them to walk around smelling like an animal even for a day.

Wear comfortable shoes

All of the family should wear comfortable shoes. Expect that you will all be walking a lot at
the zoo. The day will stop from being fun if your kids are uncomfortable with their shoes.
You know kids, once they complain and you do not do about it, they will surely be grumpy.

Watch wildlife presentations

You know what your kids are most interested in. When planning, you have to determine
the wildlife presentations so you do not miss it. Presentations also bring forth awareness.
Before going, it is important that you know the details about the zoo. For instance, the
opening times of the zoo vary depending on the season. It is only five minutes away from
the train and bus station. Check the rates also.