2 Ways to Enjoy Fuengirola Markets

Fuengirola is a famous coastal town sitting between Marbella and Benalmadena on Costa
del Sol. Many tourists consider this because of the 8 kilometers stretch of beaches not to
mention the three Blue Flag awardees. Aside from the beaches, Fuengirola is rich in history
from the Sohail Castle to the Roman ruins.
Before the newly renovated promenade, it used to be Fuengirola Old Town. Now
restaurants, bars, cafes and clubs along the beaches flank the town. If you are tired of the
beach and water activities, you can head to the Bioparc Fuengirola zoo. The zoo features
modernized dwellings. It is known to have ethical enclosures. It also specialises in breeding
endangered species. Basically, the town now has world-class eating, sleeping and
entertainment facilities perfect for solo and family travelers.
If you want to fully immerse yourself in Spanish culture, you have to visit markets. Your
Fuengirola visit will never be complete without shopping at the Fuengirola Market.
Fuengirola is actually one of the most important craft centers of Malaga. This is because a
large number of craftsman across Europe sell wares here.
You have to know that the Fuengirola Market is Andalusia’s largest market, which makes it
one of the most important markets in the whole of Spain. There are many souvenirs and
items that you can purchase here. You will feel lively because of the fun and vibrant
atmosphere. Here’s how to enjoy the Fuengirola Markets:

Buying high-end goods

If you want to buy high-end goods, you have to visit the Tuesday Market. You will find
vendors here selling high-end goods like gold, leather, furniture, silver and other jewelry.
You can also find fruit, vegetables, pottery, and clothes. Many people come because of the
reasonable prices. The best thing about Tuesday Market is you can purchase not only
Spanish souvenirs but also other items from vendors across Europe.

Purchasing quality second-hand goods

If you want to buy second-hand or used goods, you have to visit the Saturday Market. You
have to be ready with the hustle and bustle of the Saturday Market because many people
take part in this vibrant event. You have to expect flea market with vendors selling secondhand
items or used goods. You will surely find reasonable prices and if you are up for it,
you can bargain. The best thing about flea markets is you are likely to find unique objects. It
will surely be worth the trip.
The Fuengirola Market is close to Boliches beach. If you decide to visit, you will be relieved
to know that it is conveniently located a short walking distance from the train stop. You
simply have to get off at the Los Boliches stop. From the stop, you will see the market. If you
are lost, you can easily ask passersby by uttering 􀇲Recinto Ferial􀇳 or 􀇲Mercaillo􀇳. Another
alternative is to take the bus so it can drop you off right at the market entrance.
While it is important that you enjoy every moment, it is imperative that you are conscious
of your surroundings especially if you are in crowded public venues. It always pays to be
vigilant and alert. More importantly, always follow the instructions of the authorities.