Know how to Experience Fuengirola Like A Local

Going to Spain is actually fascinating and refreshing. You will see different cultures from
province to province. There are plenty of foods to eat and historical sites to marvel. If you
visit the southern part of Spain, you will come across Fuengirola. Fuengirola is a coastal
town in Malaga province. It is considered to be one of the most popular tourist destinations
in the region.
If it is your first time visiting the town, you can read Fuengirola forum so you can get more
information and insight about traveling to Fuengirola. If that is not enough, you can ask the
locals and residents. You have to know that most of the permanent residents are expats.
This means you will never be left out. To fully experience Fuengirola, you have to act as
local. Here are ways to experience Fuengirola like a local:

Eating dinner after 9 pm

If you are used to 7 pm dinner in your home, you have to adjust slightly if you want to eat
like a local. Dinner starts at 9 pm here. You have to know that plenty of restaurants won’t
open their doors before 8 pm. If you eat before 9 pm, you will notice two dinner seatings –
the tourist seating and the Spanish seating. Remember that Spanish like to go out late and
retire late.

Having a pre-dinner snack

Having a pre-dinner snack is the reason why Spaniards eat late. The pre-dinner snack is
sometime between 5 pm to 7 pm. The locals call it merendar. The famous snack here is
called pintxos. Pintxos are cheap and readily available in bars. It is often paired with
evening drink like wine or beer.

Saying hello to people

Spaniards are friendly people. You can just walk across the street and randomly receive
many greetings from locals. It pays to be friendly. You need to try it too. You will be
surprised how many hola you receive from strangers that can brighten up your day.

Eating tapas

Tapas are considered snack or appetizer. It can be served cold or hot depending on your
preference. Your Spanish experience will not be complete without eating tapas while
standing. To experience this, you have to go to a traditional tapas bar. Do not try to find a
chair because standing while eating tapas is the Spanish way.

Drinking any time of the day

You have to know that Spaniards are passionate drinkers. You will often see them tucking
wine, cider or beer any time of the day. They can drink during the day or night. However,
they always drink with food whether it is tapas or pan of paella.

Taking siestas

Siestas are part of every Spaniard’s life. It is known as relaxation time. Siestas are around
1-4pm. If you are feeling tired around this time, do not fight it. You need to embrace it. After
all, there is nothing much to do because shops, restaurants, and offices shut their doors for
afternoon rest.
Traveling to Europe is pricey but Spain is unusually affordable especially in the southern
parts of the country. The cities are great but the countryside is stunningly beautiful. Acting
like a local is truly immersive.