3 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Fuengirola Beaches

If you want to enjoy the Andalusian sun and its beaches, it is prudent to visit one of the
most popular tourist destinations – Fuengirola. Fuengirola rests in the province of Malaga.
It boasts of 8 kilometers of beaches, which is considered the longest seaside walkway in the
whole of Spain. With this, you will find many resorts, which is officially known as the El
Paseo Marítimo Rey de España or “the King of Spain’s seaside promenade”.
Visiting Fuengirola beaches means visiting three Blue Flag awardees. Blue Flag is an iconic
award given to beach or marina operators that met strict standards. It is awarded by FEE
(Foundation for Environmental Education). Basically, it is a voluntary eco-label. Most
resorts in Europe would be happy to have one beach awarded with the Blue Flag but
Fuengirola has three! Here are the three reasons why you need to visit Fuengirola beaches:

Playa de Fuengirola

Playa de Fuengirola is the first beach if you start in the south. You will find here smooth
waters and soft sand with bars offering tapas. The area is unique because you will see
colorful boats along the beach, which makes it a perfect photo opportunity.


Boliches is actually considered to be one of the most famous beaches in Fuengirola. It has
restaurants, sun beds, parasols and other amenities ideal for the family. It is also
considered one of the widest beaches in Fuengirola having good access to the sea with
wooden docks. If you have had enough tan, you can consider water skiing, volleyball or
heading to the playgrounds.
Gaviotas, on the other hand, is a 2-kilometer long and about 60-meter wide beach. It is
famous among many foreigners. Like Boliches, here you will find parasols, beach chairs,
public showers and bathrooms, lifeguards and even a lot of shops. On top of that, there are
many restaurants and bars in the area.


If you are coming by train, Torreblanca is highly accessible. You just need to get off at the
Torreblanca stop and the beach is just a fast walk down the hill. This beach is actually
nestled on the border between Benalmadena and Fuengirola. Since it is centrally located
between the two cities, this beach is a bit quieter. The beach boasts of seclusion at the same
time useful facilities like food kiosks and water sports center.
Aside from the fuengirola beach and water activities like parasailing and dolphin
watching, there are plenty of things that you can do here. You can visit the most notable zoo
in the whole of Europe – Bioparc Fuengirola. It features modernized tropical forest
dwellings and it boasts of a breeding center for endangered species. Aside from that, you
can also visit the Sohail Castle, which has a historical significance. The castle now is
completely renovated hosting concerts and festivals throughout the summer season.
There is a charm experiencing the Mediterranean Sea. It is not always that you get to enjoy
it. If you visit Andalusia, you really have to check out beaches in Fuengirola. If you want
more activities, you can visit the nearby water parks.