5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking Your Kids to the Zoo

If you want your Fuengirola trip to be a learning experience for your kids, you should not
miss the bioparc Fuengirola. There are a lot of things your kids will learn when visiting
the zoo. Zoos are fun but there is more to it than that. Here are other reasons why you need
to take your kids to the zoo:

It enhances language development

Zoos enhance language development as children walk around the zoo. This is because they
are exposed to concepts and words. As a matter of fact, walking around the zoo will
encourage dialogue between the children, parents and even their siblings. While walking
with your children, it is crucial that you label every animal and encourage them to ask
questions. Through this, their vocabulary and comprehension skills will increase.

It promotes family bonding

Without a doubt, going to the zoo as a family promotes bonding. Instead of spending one
more day at the beach, you should consider the zoo because it is a perfect opportunity to
spend a day together as a family. There are many things in the zoo so you can always find
something enjoyable for the kids.

It encourages environmental awareness

Visiting zoos will help the children understand the significance of taking care of the
environment. At an early age, they will realize that they have a significant impact on the
lives of the animals around them. Aside from that, zoos also teach kids about the
significance of animal care and conservation.

It is a great exercise

Zoos cover a vast area. This will allow the children to walk, which is an ample exercise.
Aside from the hills and steps, your children will also get good exercise in playgrounds. The
bonus thing is that your children will make friends along the way.

It offers special events and activities

With your help and the people around, your children will surely absorb an insane amount
of knowledge. You can also let your kids join special events and activities. The bioparc zoo
offers exciting educational activities and special events not only for the kids but also for
parents. At the end of each event or activity, your children’s understanding of animals and
environment will surely expand.

About Bioparc Fuengirola

The zoo takes pride in ethical enclosures. This means that as you wander through the
simulated forest, you will see real vegetation and waterfalls. Your kids will surely enjoy
seeing Sumatra tigers playing beside the Angkor Wat or crocodiles lounging on the sandy
shores of Nile. They will even see lemurs climbing the Baobab tree. Aside from these, your
kids will see tropical woodlands animals like lowland gorillas, orangutans, hippopotamus,
and tapirs. Indeed there is plenty to see.
As if these are not enough, your kids can enjoy the large play area with the miniature farm.
The good thing about the zoo is its accessibility. It is only five minutes away from the bus
and train station. It opens daily from 10 am. However, the closing time will vary depending
on the season. Ticket prices vary. For instance, the general one-day admission is 19.50€,
13.15€ for children from three to nine years old and 19.50€ for seniors.